Delaware Bay Launch Services, Inc.
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Milford DE 19963
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Operational Rates - Effective 1 January 2016 

Launch Rates for Personnel & Stores/Spares Runs 
Big Stone Beach Anchorage $345  
Breakwater Anchorage $410  
Pick-up at Lewes USCG Dock
          Breakwater Anchorage
          Big Stone Beach Anchorage

Add $325  
Add $450  
For all other launch services in the Delaware Bay & River
2 Hour Minimum Applies
$345 p/hr  
  Atlantic Ocean 
2 Hour Minimum Applies
  $395 p/hr    
  Daily Charter Rates Available Upon Request       
Regulated Trash Removal @ BSB Anchorage
  Flat Rate   $775    
  Price includes 1 launch run, trash inspection by USDA trained inspector, handling of trash and transfer of trash shoreside to USDA approved container. Incinerator charges billed via Atlantic Commercial Materials
*Trash Bags for Regulated Food Waste as required by
  U.S. Customs = $25 each.
*1st 1.5 Hours Alongside is free of charge, each additional
  hour = $295

Take a $200 discount off the above rate if trash is removed on the same launch that delivers your stores & spares.
*Steel can be offloaded for an additional charge.
  Fresh Potable Water @ BSB Anchorage  
  Flat Rate   $1,490    
  7.0 Metric Tons per Trip (Example: 28 Metric Tons= $5,960)      
  Handling Charges for Stores & Spares   
  Regular Lifts    $60 per lift    
  Heavy Lifts
          Cylinder Liners, Piston Crowns, etc. 
$160 per lift  
  Truck Loading/Unloading    $75 per truck    
  Miscellaneous Charges   

              l Fuel Surcharge: an additional charge of 1% for every $0.05 over $2.00 per gallon Diesel will apply


              l Ice Surcharge: an additional charge of $90 per run or hour will apply to all trips in pack ice conditions


              l Stand-by: $175 per hour alongside the dock & $295 per hour alongside the vessel will apply