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Delaware Bay Launch Service, Inc. is committed to the health & safety of it's customers and team members. To keep the commitment our training and HSSE policies are designed to focus on zero accidents per year. All of our crewmembers undergo extensive training and are kept up to date on new regulatory and industry requirements as they become available. Our Captains are all certified to the standards of the United States Coast Guard for certification and training. Our Safety Training includes but is not limited to the following elements:

  • Liferaft Operation & Survival Practices

  • Marine Fire Prevention, Training & Response

  • Drug & Alcohol Awareness

  • Pilot Ladder Safe Use Techniques

  • Pilot Ladder Safe Rigging Techniques

  • Immersion Suit Training

  • Man Overboard

  • Safe Offshore Personnel Basket Transfers

  • Traditional "Billy Pugh" Baskets

  • USDA & APHIS Regulated Garbage Removal

  • 24hr HAZWOPER

  • Grove Crane Safety

  • Clark Forklift Safety

  • PIC (Person in Charge of Fueling) 33CFR 155 & 156

  • Ship Safe Boarding Practices

  • Fibre Light MOB Recovery System

  • Jason's Cradle MOB Recovery

  • EAD Plus - Setup & Practice

Delaware Bay Launch Service is committed to safety in all phases of operations. We fully comply with all applicable laws & regulations. Our safety program supplements existing safety standards as a means of providing additional protection for our customers, employees, the environment and our equipment. Every DBLS team member is expected to give their full support to our corporate effort promoting safety. 

Big Stone Pride MOB Training with the USCG & Delaware State Police

Crewboat Big Stone Pride via Delaware Ba
BSP Training 2.jpg
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