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Capt. John Cadamuro, m/v Samantha Miller, Miller's Launch - 2/2005 
  "On behalf of the crew of the Samantha Miller, I am extending my sincerest gratitude for your recent assistance in the lower Delaware Bay. I truly appreciate your effort in adverse weather conditions as we organized our tow. Things could have gone terribly wrong in rough seas, on a pitching, rolling & icy deck. It was certainly a comfort to our crew knowing you were on-scene to assist as needed, particularly in an emergency. The episode is now a distant memory except for the sound of your voice on the radio & the feeling of calm once you arrived on-scene. Thank You Again!  

John Hughes, Delaware Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control - 2007
  "On behalf of the Delaware DNREC we would like to thank the crew of the "Big Stone 5"and Delaware Bay Launch Service for your assistance in deploying our directional wave buoy. The professionalism of the crew & the willingness of Delaware Bay Launch to help in this effort is greatly appreciated."  

Capt. Meredith Austin, Former Sector Commander, USCG Sector Delaware Bay:  - 10/2011
  "I would like to thank you & express my gratitude and appreciation for your professionalism, effort & participation in the Delaware Bay Mass Rescue Operation. Without your willingness, energy and organizational abilities, the exercise would not have been a success. Your partnership with the USCG is nothing short of outstanding. 
Bryan Miller, Norfolk Dredge: - 3/2016
  "Thank you for the amazing service! It was a pleasure working with you & your crew."

Superintendent, m/t Copper Spirit: - 4/2016
  "This is the nicest, cleanest launch service I have ever seen."

Capt Scott Anderson, Mooring Master, TK Marine Solutions - 2016
 Yokohama Vessel Dressing for STS Ops

  "I wish to take this opportunity to Thank you & your team for an excellent outstanding job. I was extremely pleased & very happy to see the greatest of efficiency with the entire DBLS team. You & your team did a great job with the greatest of professionalism. Once again it was a pleasure to work with you and your team, and we definitely look forward to our continued relationship. 

Rick van Hemmen, Martin Ottaway: - 12/2017
  "Ice building on deck, freezing water, a down wind trip so the waves will be bigger at the ship, and the return trip is in the dark. All that worrying for nothing. The Delaware Bay Launch captain was an artist with the throttles and rudder and the railing were exactly in the right position on the launch and on the gangway."

Capt. Floudas Aristeidis, Port Captain, Springfield Shipping: - 4/2018
  "Best quality services globally."

Ryan Byrnes & Tanner Honea, Freehill Hogan & Mahar LLP - 7/2019
  "Thank you for your excellent service and assistance the last few days launching us to and from the MSC GAYANE. Your timeliness, flexibility and hospitality were very much appreciated and
essential to our efforts."

Capt. David Boudreaux, Mooring Master, AET - 2019
 Yokohama Vessel Dressing for STS Ops

  "I just wanted to thank you & your crew again for another great job! Everyone performed well & the operation went off very smoothly"

Derek Robinson, Port Captain, Delaware River & Bay Authority - 11/2020
  "Please thank all your crews for their great interactions & work. I met with my senior Ferry Captains this afternoon & they had nothing but good remarks."

John Harrison, ESM, USCG Sector Virginia - 1/2021
(New to Zone Inspection)

  "The condition & ease of inspection of the Big Stone Pride was great. I would put her at the high end as compared to most vessel's I've inspected. A strong kudos to DBLS for maintenance & for keeping her equipment updated."

Capt. Clifford Smith
Mooring Master, Lighter
ing LLC. & Northern Star Nautical Services - 7/2021

STS Offshore Lightering Ops & Vessel Rigging/Unrigging
  "Dave, I wanted to express our appreciation for you & your team's professionalism and 
cooperation with all aspects of the operation. Every part of the operation from your side was executed flawlessly."

Sector Commander, U. S. Coast Guard - 10/2021

  "Capt. Brown, I wanted to thank you & your team for the unwavering support to our young men & women as they conduct high-risk security boarding's, often times in inclement weather & during evening hours. Your noble actions are in keeping with the highest traditions of professional mariners and the Coast Guard. Please accept my personal thanks for a job well done! On behalf of Sector Delaware Bay, we appreciate all you have provided in the past and hope to continue our professional relationship moving forward."


Chip Forbes

Norfolk Dredge - Feb. 2023

Jones Inlet, NY & Hampton Roads, VA

  "Hey Dave, just wanted to say you have a fantastic crew! Everyone here at NDC is very happy with the service. We always have enjoyed working with y'all."

Nathan Barnard

Technical Superintendent

Alaska Tanker Company, LLC - 28 Mar 2024


Vetting Inspection after visiting the m/t Alaskan Explorer


“Just looking in this warehouse & your yard, it is apparent you take great pride in your business. I don’t even have to ask anything, just looking around at how organized everything is, I know exactly what goes on around here.

Watching your crews alongside the vessel transferring techs & lifts of their equipment, it is apparent you take safety very seriously, that’s nice to see. I have been to many launch services around the U.S., this is by far the nicest facility I have ever seen.” 



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